Live music, DJ

If the wedding, anniversary, corporate or other festive event held with live music, your holiday got the flavor, which not forgotten you or your guests.

Every performance is an integral part - the music. Only the live music is able to create a festive atmosphere and make a joyful mood.

 ансамбль UP2YOU

During the discussion of the artistic program of the future celebrations, I recommend that, in addition to the DJ, inviting instrumental ensemble "UP2YOU" . Tandem toastmaster and live music in Kiev enjoys great demand in many celebrations with a powerful emotional impact on visitors of your celebration. Energy from the live sound does not allow guests to sit still. In addition, music can be different: VIA prefer, the composition according to your wishes or individual performers. You composing music program is available from your favorite songs - a choice only for you!

For example, what would be the music.

As a general rule, be invited to the feast of vocal and instrumental ensemble to accompany the feast, in the breaks between the music set sound feast. Throughout the celebration will be hosted by 3 sets the duration of 30 minutes. In addition to the main program, you can order the music to meet your guests in all musical styles. Bunch of toastmaster and live music for the wedding, Kiev recommends to book with professionals, in order to work had a completeness and conciseness. Live music on any celebration is always interesting, fun and memorable. You get the opportunity to present its guests in the form of singing with musical accompaniment, that you will not forget to take minutes of enjoyment and pleasure.

тамада Евгений Наталенко

The composition of the group can vary from 2 to 5 people. Such number of members will be able to perform in the live sound of popular hits in cover versions. The order of the musical accompaniment in the form of a full-fledged live teams with bass guitars, vocals, keyboards, drum set.

A more economical and popular option will be invited professional singers who will be able to work under minus. Live instrumental music you will not hear, but the sound of a live voice guaranteed to bring pleasure.

We can satisfy your cultural whim, invited to your celebration of stars of all sizes. Ukrainian stars, pop singers from the young to the recognized masters. Order of pop stars and make a surprise loved ones - an unforgettable gift.

My belief is that the diversity of the options we will be able to choose the music for your holiday, backed by years of experience. And thanks from satisfied customers only reinforces my belief that the live music is a mandatory attribute of a great holiday.