Master of ceremonies and host an anniversary

тамада Евгений Наталенко

Today - glorious jubilee,

Let the shadow will not be reflected on the pain of past years,

We wish more than sunny days,

Big life of happiness and constant health.

Anniversary - this is especially important holiday. This is a round number, which may be associated not only with the day of birth, but also with the founding of the company, significant operating time at a certain place and other events. Moreover, each of these events is expected with secret excitement and anxious anticipation. Anniversary evening almost always becomes an excellent occasion to meet up with friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances. Leading to the anniversary is to turn the event into a special meeting, each moment which will give guests a hero of the occasion and the joy and happiness.

Anniversary with an experienced toastmaster

Dear visitors!

If you want me to spend your festive evening, please, those moments that will depend on the cost of services:

  1. the number of guests invited to the evening;
  2. the duration of the celebration;
  3. the place chosen for the anniversary - it could be Kiev and its suburbs, as well as any settlement or even another country;
  4. soundtrack evening, requiring the use of additional equipment.

Please contact on all matters concerning the pricing of services by phone + 38097-344-46-46


Do you dream to have your anniversary celebration gave each of the guests warmth, sincerity and a lot of memorable experiences? So, you need a professional toastmaster for an anniversary in Kiev . Only an experienced specialist with the necessary supply of skills, will be able to easily move away from the standard scenarios feast and opened the door to the special, original and very fascinating elements of the celebration. It will be the scenario of the evening according to the age category of guests, the event budget and personal preferences of the hero of the day.

празднование юбилея с тамадой

My name is Eugene and I have been celebrations in various cities and countries. Master of ceremonies for the anniversary in Kiev - this is my vocation, without which I simply can not imagine their lives. I direct all their energies to the ability to bestow joy and positive people from the brightest holidays. My customers get a lot of pleasant memories that are stored throughout life. However, to achieve the conceived not as easy as it might seem at first sight: even the most brilliant improvisations, which have seen my customers - is the result of extensive training. I am familiar with this kind of work is much closer than other people. I orient their scripts on holidays unobtrusive passion each of the guests, to create a positive mood and friendly atmosphere of celebration. To achieve these goals, I like Leading to the anniversary apply naughty games and playful competitions, which often seem to be easy impromptu, while having deeply thought-out structure.

My job involves a clear understanding of the meaning of each event: it has become unpredictable and spectacular event, which is always a place to change the mood and lyrical digressions. I often compare their work with the conductor profession: it is necessary to know very well the psychology of people in a timely manner to notice that the mood of the guests change in the wrong direction, mature sharp and awkward moments, as well as unforeseen problems. Only the true organizer cope with this task at the highest level. Due to the modular structure of the activities, I can swap parts of the script, deftly blocking unplanned interruptions. It may seem that the course of the evening is subject to strict logical structure, but there is always a place restructuring scenario on the move.

The bright event in your life

If you need a charismatic and experienced toastmaster for an anniversary in Kiev , then I am happy and hospitality throw open its doors to you! I'm glad to meet you and ready to start a discussion of your entertainment. Faerie holiday, touching greetings, hot dances and fun contests - I can fill your evening the most vivid moments. In my work, there is no room templates and clichés, because each of the events based on the uniqueness, individuality and bright scenario. I agree with you the triumph of the plan, providing all the nuances and achieving that every second of the evening you will enjoy.

Let's make your perfect anniversary!

тамада Евгений Наталенко