Wedding dance training

Romantic unity of two loving hearts

постановка свадебного танца

The setting of the first wedding dance is one of the important organizational tasks. On the output should be something beautiful, whole, charming.

Only in this way will it be possible to convey the melody of two loving hearts, beating in unison and forcing others to experience all the grandeur and romanticism of a unique moment.

The task can be complicated by the fact that the bride and groom have no special training. But this can not be an obstacle to surprise guests and fully enjoy the elegant joint pas.

The staging of the first dance is a newlywed couple - an event requiring professional help.

Professional staging of your wedding dance

свадебный танец в Киеве

An experienced mentor will be able to teach in a short time a gentle waltz or fiery tango, passionate pasodoble or enchanting rumba.

However, it doesn`t matter which direction is preferred, the professional setting of the wedding dance will allow you to express a whirlwind of emotions that is hidden somewhere deep down and "shout" to the whole world about your love.

We help you put the first dance of the newlyweds

Свадебный ведущий Евгений Наталенко

Professional master of ceremonies Evgeniy Natalenko is ready to assist in staging the first dance of the bride and groom. I will do everything possible to make this the brightest and unforgettable event of the holiday, consistent with the chosen theme of the celebration. I suggest:

I suggest:

  • selection of music in accordance with the wishes of the newlyweds;
  • learning the basics of choreography as soon as possible;
  • pleasant soulful communication, which gives to trust;
  • the result of teamwork, exceeding any expectations;
  • acceptable affordable prices for services and the opportunity to discuss this issue on an individual basis.

A wedding is one of the most vibrant and colorful events in the life of every person. I know how to make sure that every moment of it is filled with sensuality and romanticism, evoked only warm memories of the couple and guests. Please, I am always at your service and sincerely ready to help turn your wedding into an unforgettable holiday, which you can tell to children with delight!