Exit ceremony

Visiting ceremony - a fairy tale that you will never forget.

Certainly adults love stories, and what could be a fabulous on-site marriage ceremony?!

выездная церемония, свадьба с тамадой в Киеве

We all grow up and still continue to love fairy tales, but not all at the same time willing to admit. But we do this and it is unnecessary. I am honored to offer my services in the organization of on-site ceremony of your wedding. We remember from childhood that everything is very simple and easy in fairy tales. Let me give you joy and pleasure in such a meaningful day for you. Treat your guests a romantic and fairytale weddings. Experience the magic breath of air and think about the existence of fabulous joy

A happy couple - this is happiness for your guests. Indeed, thanks to the tales we still believe in miracles and in something bright and good good Visiting ceremony - is not only fashionable and beautiful.. First of all - this joyful emotions, joy and always want to share & nbsp; In a translation from the French language "emotion" - excitement.. And I want to give you excitement and peace of & nbsp; the thrill of adventure and positive impressions. Fabulous emotions as a gift - it's not an envelope with a million and not box with the service. It is a universal solution for your fairy-site ceremony. The joyful and vivid impressions can not be converted into a monetary equivalent, you will not break and will not & nbsp; lose, nobody will steal emotion, will not break and will not hide. I am very pleased to present you with emotions, & nbsp; which you can recall at any time and relive the unforgettable moments of happiness.

Let's write your story that you will tell your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even very much and & nbsp; so many people

The main goal for me in the organization of on-site ceremony - it's fabulous emotions in gift!

свадебный обряд, тамада и рушник

выездная свадьба и тамада в Киеве