Tamada and leading to the wedding in Kiev

 празднование свадьбы - тамада Евгений

When planning a wedding, a spending plan will be considerable. Investments in its most solemn day, must be justified by the importance of this day. Tamada, leading to the wedding - one of the main components for an unforgettable holiday


Naturally the question arises: why do we need the leading? Is it necessary toastmaster? The concept of "toastmaster" comes from "themade" (Circassian), which means in translation - the head. If we consider the interpretation of this concept in Georgian - Managing feast, mass celebrations, festive events. Over time, the meaning of the word came to be regarded more narrowly - leading to a wedding in Kiev. This man must take over the transformation of the festive evening in an unusual, memorable event, spiced with dancing, singing and a great mood. In addition, the master is responsible for all during the holiday.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
The cost of organizing and holding the festival depends on the following points:

  1. The number of the invited guests to the event;
  2. The length of the holiday;
  3. Place (Kiev suburb, any other city, country);
  4. The music event (if there is a need for additional sound equipment)

have any questions in relation to the total cost of your event, please contact tel.


In the words of William Feder, we will respect the people only when trying to fulfill even a small part of their work. Often we may be one of the worst mistakes - entrusting the role of toastmaster one of your friends. It is important to understand that everyone should do their work.празднование свадьбы с тамадой Евгением

Master of ceremonies at a wedding in Kiev on the role of your friend should enjoy the holiday, have fun and be happy for you, but not to lead the celebration. And my job, as a leading - to work! Task Toastmasters to become a kind of magician who with a wave of his magic wand will be able to give brightness and novelty of sensations from the romantic holiday of love - wedding.

toastmaster skill formation can not be done in a few days, it does not occur suddenly - I was producing their skills through hard and painstaking work, which is dedicated to more than 5 years. Master of ceremonies at a wedding (the price depends on the level of activities, tasks) must have professional experience, which will allow guests to keep the interest of their attention. As a professional in the field, I know measure for jokes, deftly guided in a situation that is reflected in the joy and dynamism of your celebration.

Each person is different and not all of us can approach each other in spirit. Therefore, the choice of leading, first of all, you need to meet with him. The meeting will allow to see for myself on my professionalism and confidence. During the meeting we will discuss the necessary nuances to plan the main scenic highlights of the holiday.

This meeting is extremely important for me, because my goal - to transform the wedding into an event that will be remembered forever, regardless of the number of years passed


тамада Евгений Наталенко

Master of ceremonies at a wedding cheap - does not mean that it will not be high quality. As a professional, I can promise that you will remember all the smallest details, and remember their heart and soul. Together with you we will live one of the most important days in your life.

And finally, we will pick you own style of your holiday, which will remain a highlight in the memory of each of your guests.