Marriage proposal

The best solution for starting a life together

предложение руки и сердца

There comes a moment in the life of every man, when it is necessary to make an marriage proposal. I want the enchanting majestic event to be furnished in the most original way, it was impregnated with romance, and the touched beloved said the cherished "Yes".

Recognition of love and the desire to create a family is not an easy thing.

It will take a long time to puzzle and surf the Internet to find a beautiful offer of the hand and heart.

Cost of organization

предложение руки и сердца

There are a lot of options in this case.

You can organize dinner at the stadium, on the roof of a skyscraper, go on an unforgettable romantic balloon trip, make an offer from a large screen in a movie theater, museum, botanical garden, beautiful rose garden, rent a skating rink for two or climb the bird's flight on an airplane.

For all questions regarding the final cost of your event, please call.


How to make a beautiful marriage proposal

Свадебный ведущий Евгений Наталенко

Or maybe you want to confess your love and desire to create a family in the midst of some important celebration, in front of a stunned audience?

A competent organization of the proposal of the hand and heart will prove to the beloved that the era of the knights has not yet passed. And this is in the very real sense of the word.

You can take riding lessons and rent armor to appear before your girl in a beautiful romantic image, beautifully present flowers and a ring, make beautiful photos of a significant event.

Being a professional in my field, I know the measure for jokes, cleverly oriented in the situation, which reflects on the fun and dynamism of your celebration.

Help in organizing a marriage proposal

Тамада на свадьбу

However, to simplify the task in search of the original scenario of this event may appeal to the professional master of ceremonies Evgeny Natalenko. Having many years of experience, today I can offer an optimal solution for each client. My main advantages:

  • responsible approach to business;
  • offers creative options for the event;
  • creative non-standard vision of the situation;
  • best result orientation;
  • taking into account all the wishes of the client and the preferences of his chosen one.

Order the service "Marriage proposal" with us, create an unforgettable holiday for your lover, from which your joint journey will begin with a lifetime

As a professional, I can promise that you will remember any small details, and remember them with your heart and soul. Together with you we will live one of the most important and memorable days in your life.