Remember the main thing: only a professional can lead to organize an unforgettable celebration


Pre trouble is always difficult, and in this situation, you can get an unexpected and controversial answer to the question "how much are the leading services»


Ladies and gentlemen,


The cost of organizing and holding the festival depends on the following points:

  1. The number of the invited guests to the event;
  2. The length of the holiday;
  3. Place (Kiev suburb, any other city, country);
  4. The music event (if there is a need for additional sound equipment)
  5. For all questions in relation to the total cost of your event, please contact:

    + 38097-344-46-46

    toastmaster Eugene Natalenko in Kiev

    In every life we ​​have developed certain rules and a vision of what services and products, and we can not afford at what prices. For example: buy shoes or choose a particular brand quality shoes manufacturer unknown cheaper dress glamorous boutiques in departments or in the nearest mall to move by car or public transport, and so on - the list is endless. So when choosing a host for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, corporate party or a children's holiday.

    So, let's see, what are the criteria I form the cost of services the leading


    It is a leading can keep your celebration from the usual dull feast and turn it into an unforgettable, the brightest party of which I will remember for many years to .

    The price of the leading services in Kiev, first of all, depends on the status - a famous star and a leading, experienced and novice. Also, the formation of prices of the leading affected by seasonality. All of these points you can specify when meeting with me.

    For me important your expectations and wishes they will be the foundation for:

    • wedding;
    • anniversary;
    • birthday;
    • corporate parties;
    • company anniversary;
    • calendar holidays;
    • and the organization of the concert.

    Remember to book a good host is not always possible, by virtue of his employment. So take the time to talk with a potential candidate, and if you are happy, do not loiter, call now +380973444646.

    Sincerely Eugene Natalenko - leading professional