Alexander and Irina

Newweddies Alexander and Irina and the host Eugene

Eugene we want to express great gratitude for the banquet, it was very nice!! Guests were delighted as for appropriate mood of the celebration – tons of positive emotions, good humor without vulgarity and tediousness, sometimes it happens at weddings particular format. When choosing we thought, which means "good toastmaster at a wedding" ?? In our view - it is responsible, charming and creative person with a good sense of humor, presentable appearance and genuine burning desire to make a wedding truly memorable. Acquainted with you - it was clear that you answer all of our requirements !!!)) And, as practice has shown, we have not made a mistake in choosing !! Hooray!)) And about your vocal talents, and we are not talking because it must be heard!) Well done !! Keep it up!! Good luck to you and grateful newlyweds))

With deep gratitude, Alexander and Irina Krupnik

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