Wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary


Chintz wedding 1 year

There are many wedding anniversaries. And one of them - calico wedding. Calico wedding is the year of married life. This anniversary is also called cotton or gauze wedding. This anniversary was so named as a sign that a year marriage still is not strong enough, and like a gauze or calico.

Gold wedding

Лиза Жилене

Мне грусть напомнила о них, 
Гуляющих , в ночи Лиона 
Влюбленных двух - не молодых 
Мерцающих , в огнях неона. 

За сладкий сон глотнуть винца 
Зашла в кафе за ними следом 
Тяжелый день вдруг без конца! 
И шаг в ночи мой был не ведам. 

Но успокоилась опять 
Взглянув на добрые всех лица 
Ах! Если б мне, французский, знать! 
Могла б со всеми веселиться 

Толпа их сразу завела 
Все дружно что-то обсуждали 
Свои какие-то дела 
И с юбилеем поздравляли 

А за окном был шум и треск 
Он обнимал ее ревниво 
И фейерверков дружный блеск 
Играл в глазах ее игриво 

Прижал к себе , поцеловал 
Седые локоны погладил 
Что-то на ушко прошептал 
Наверно с ней по жизни ладил 

Зачем теперь все ворошить? 
Мартини допиваю скучно 
Вот так бы мне всю жизнь прожить 
С моим любимым неразлучно! 

Мне это время не догнать 
Я лишь могу с судьбой смириться 
И долго буду вспоминать 
Счастливые, той пары, лица!



Paper wedding 2 years

Two years of life together is already behind in the marriage, and that means that come the anniversary, namely paper wedding. The marriage, which lasted 2 years, called paper marriage because a short time is not yet talking about a stable alliance, subject to change and can break as fast as paper.

Leather wedding 3 years

The marriage is already completed a few steps, the relationship became stronger. Such conclusions can be drawn about the anniversary and three years of married life, whose name "leather wedding." It marks 3 years of married life. As for the name, it speaks for itself. Leather - durable material. This means that the relationship is more or less stable.

Linen wedding 4 years

Linen wedding - it's 4 years of married life. Also, the 4 is also called rope wedding. It is not considered the anniversary in the classical sense, and has the status of the anniversary. For 4 years, husband and wife are already familiar and similar to intertwining rope or flax fibers. They are no longer so easy to separate.

Wooden wedding 5 years

Wooden wedding or five years of marriage - a small anniversary for a couple. We can say that this is the first anniversary of married life, which necessarily need to celebrate. If the previous anniversary, reaching in front of a wooden wedding, the first steps have been living together, it is a significant proof of the strength of family ties. This is evidenced by even the name of the anniversary.

Cast iron wedding 6 years

A six-year anniversary says that the time to strengthen your home. This is the first anniversary after the five-year anniversary, and it is said that the first crises can occur in a marriage. Therefore, this anniversary and was called "the wedding of cast iron." In fact, iron is not the most durable material, but on the contrary, is very fragile and may break at any time.

Zinc wedding 6,5 years

Each of wedding anniversaries - a new stage in the development of family relations, which has its own characteristics. Each anniversary and each anniversary of the designated or other material that could most accurately be described family life at this stage. Married life, this short period of time referred to as zinc wedding.

Copper wedding 7 years

Marriage, which lasted 7 years, called "copper wedding." Not in vain for the name of the selected metal such as copper. It should be noted that copper is not only durable metal, but also valuable. This suggests that a seven-year marriage is not only strength, but also of great value to its members.

Tin wedding 8 years

Vosmiletov married life - it is a rather big amount of time. The symbol of this anniversary - tin, hence the name "tin wedding." On the eighth birthday of marriage, or tin wedding, the spouses must settle permanently, they should be fully used to each other, raise a family and move on.

Faience wedding 9 years

Devyatiletie married life has been called "faience wedding." Why this because earthenware - very fragile material? The explanation is simple. It is believed that devyatiletie joint life there are some critical points to survive, so the marriage can easily give a crack like pottery. Also, there is a perception that in the 9 years of married life the couple live in abundance.

Tin wedding 10 years

Tin wedding - ten years of married life. Anniversary Symbol - tin, which in turn is a symbol of flexibility. This suggests that the spouses "rooted" to each other and adjusted to the features of each other, as if they bend to each other. So, we can say that their marriage has become flexible. Also, this anniversary is also called pink wedding.

Steel wedding 11 years

Eleventh birthday married life is called steel wedding. Relations are already fully established and became hard as steel. Steel, steel wedding symbol, a very beautiful and mirrored metal. The same should be and family life for 11 years of marriage: a strong and clear-mirror. At this point, the family should have two children and a house.


Nickel wedding 12,5 years

Nickel wedding anniversary is called the 12.5 years of married life. As the anniversary is not circular, then celebrated in the family circle. Guests are required to give a nickel-plated tableware and kitchen utensils. Only in this nenachischennoy dishes offered with a view to the couple made it their own.


Lace wedding 13 years

Lace Wedding - this thirteenth birthday married life. Symbol lace wedding - lace, which says that in '13 married life must be especially appreciate the marriage, because it is as thin as lace. Lace wedding also called Landysheva. Therefore, guests must give not only lace, and white flowers.


Agate wedding 14 years

If the marriage lasted for 14 years, it means nothing to fear. Living together in a marriage that lasted 14 years, it is called agate wedding. Agate is a symbol of well-being, health and prosperity. Marriage existed before the wedding agate, can be called a prosperous and strong. Such marriages are not afraid of any obstacles.


Crystal wedding 15 years

Crystal wedding comes 15 year of life in marriage. Crystal symbolizes this anniversary is a very strong material, and in addition, he still calls and clean. The same can be noted about the married life of 15 year: the relationship of the spouses strong and pure, time-tested.


Topaz wedding 16 years

Topaz wedding - a kind of anniversary of marriage, celebrated 16 years after the lawful marriage. Having lived a considerable period, the couple have learned to be in one piece, but between them is still fresh romantic relationship and not extinguished the erstwhile passion. Topaz - a semiprecious stone, symbolizing the transition from soft to lasting.


Turquoise wedding 18 years

Turquoise wedding - marriage is the eighteenth birthday. By this time, crisis situations, if any, in the family, come to an end, and the dawn comes. Children already matured, and therefore the problems become much less. Turquoise - a symbol of happiness and victory. The relationship of the spouses on turquoise wedding should shine in a new light.


Porcelain wedding 20 years

Porcelain wedding - it's 20 year anniversary of married life. The symbol of the anniversary serves porcelain, which is thin, light and elegant material. Another characteristic of the porcelain is its fragility. Therefore, the twenty-year marriage to be taken seriously, because if the spouses are not careful, it can break.


Silver Wedding 25 years

Silver Wedding - is as much as 25 years of married life. The symbol of the anniversary is silver, which in turn is a precious metal. Twenty-five year marriage - is also a jewel in some way. Lived together for a quarter-century wife, never to part, their love is tempered over the years, they appreciate, respect and love each other.


Pearl wedding 30 years

Pearl wedding - thirty years of married life. Pearls - a symbol of chastity, love, purity and fertility. Therefore, it is assumed that in the 30 years of married life the couple must already have grandchildren. As invited guests on the anniversary of the wedding can be relatives, friends, children and grandchildren.


Linen (Coral) Wedding 35 years

Linen wedding - a wedding thirty-five years. This anniversary is also called coral wedding. The web symbolizes strength. As for the coral, it is a plant that has the ability to grow rapidly and form coral reefs. Therefore, on the coral wedding newlyweds should already be a huge family, with lots of grandchildren.


Ruby wedding 40 years

Ruby wedding considered 40 years of marriage. Symbol ruby wedding - a ruby, which is a stone of love, fire and eternally glowing feeling that will never be quenched, as has already been tested by time. Another explanation for this anniversary is a character that has a ruby colour of blood.


Sapphire wedding 45 years

Sapphire wedding marks sorokapyatiletie married life. The couple eventually proved their love and devotion. The symbol of the anniversary of the sapphire, which is the stone of love, protects from evil. Similarly stone spouses must preserve and protect each other. Also sapphire - stone renovation and kindness. The relationship with him will be like new, fresh.


Gold wedding 50 years

gold wedding - this is the fiftieth anniversary of marriage. The symbol of this anniversary is one of the most valuable and precious metals - gold. Gold stands for something achieved by hard work. Fifty years of marriage - is a great value, which has been evolving over the years through hard work. People have lived together for half a century have shown mutual love, respect, trust and loyalty.


Emerald wedding 55 years

Emerald wedding - 55 years of married life, when already overcome the barrier of half a century. On this anniversary of the spouses is no longer young. Therefore, the celebration of this anniversary is completely in the hands of children. They have to arrange a holiday for your loved ones and single parents and give them the emerald jewelry.


Diamond wedding 60 years

Diamond wedding - a full 60 years of married life. This anniversary is also called the diamond wedding. Brilliant - is the most valuable and expensive of all gems. As well as married life, which lasted 60 years, is very rare and valuable.


Iron wedding 65 years

After 65 years of married life a lot of anniversaries already behind. Children and grandchildren are grown, the house is rich. Iron wedding - it's a long 65 years of married life. Symbol Anniversary - iron, which symbolizes the strong relationship, proven over many years. On iron wedding and marriage of iron and steel also love.


Fertile wedding 70 years

wedding of Grace - a phenomenon very, very rare. Still, the 70-year anniversary proves that there is true love that people are able to give the brightest feelings for each other for a long time. This anniversary is marked in the circle of children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, who independently organize holiday for their parents.


Crown wedding 75 years

wedding Crown called 75 years of married life. This is a very rare phenomenon, it seems impossible. On this anniversary of the spouses should be rewarded with medals, because such a long marriage - it is quite an achievement. The couple, celebrating a wedding crown can be sure that we made the right choices in life.


Oak wedding 80 years

Oak marriage - a marriage, which has lasted for 80 years. Date is very large and rare. Symbol wedding oak - oak, which can stand for a century. This is a mighty tree, which is not afraid of no hurricanes and storms. This anniversary is very rare and occurs mainly among centenarians. This confirms the oak, which is also a symbol of eternity.


Red (Platinum) wedding 100 years

The most impossible and unrealistic wedding date - is 100 years old. Still it exists, and therefore, there are people who can rightly be called veterans of married life. On the red wedding children, children's children, and even great-grandchildren of the elderly spouses give flowers and red things and make a festive table. But of course the most important - is the attention and pride of parents.

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