Songs for the bride dancing with her mother

Zhenih i mama

According to the tradition, dance with parents is immediately after the first wedding dance young. But there are cases when the second dance department opens a father and his bride a beautiful and touching dance while the third opens his mental and emotional dance of the bride and mother.

Dance of the groom and the mother - son is grateful for the fact that my mother brought up, and nourished him. He expresses his love, affection and infinite respect for her.

Dear newlyweds, if you decide to supplement your special occasion unforgettable emotions and touching moments, to give parents and splash yourself this unrest and feelings, try anxiously to treat the selection of a musical composition for the dance with their parents. It should be a tune that will reflect your relationship, the melody with the right words and the spirit.

Music for the groom and mother dance

Russian songs

Ukrainian songs

Алексей Маклаков - Мамины Глаза

Василь Зінкевич - Мамина світлиця


 Борис Тахтахунов - Спасибо мама

Надія Шестак - Сину, сину ангел мій

Евгений Мартынов - Благодарность матерям

  Каримов Ринат - Спасибо мама

 Лариса Грибалёва, Саша Немо, Искуи Абалян, Руслан Мусвидас, Яна Мусвидас - Мама

 Михаил Березутский - Мама

 Михаил Задорин - Мама

 Николо Петраш - Мама

Олег Газманов - Мама

 Сергей Пенкин - Мама

 Стас Михайлов - Мама

Тамара Гвердцители - Мамины глаза

 Шуфутинский Михаил - Руки матери