Happy man - is the one who loves what he does. I am a true fan of the business? Perhaps this is the case. Each year, trust me holding hundreds of events and regardless of the level of the holiday, it can be embedded in a piece of my soul.

I have a few rules that I strictly adhere to the organization of the event:

1. Individual approach. We all know that there is on the planet two people are alike, you and I are different not only in appearance, but also character, habits, etc. So our celebration can not beat the same as anyone else. I try to listen to all suggestions and bring them to life.

2. Golden mean. Feel the middle, I think, I am to anyone who takes the responsibility of the event. Guests should not miss, and at the same time lead should not be too much. The pleasant atmosphere of fun and ease.

3. Not a drinker lead. I believe if the master allows himself to drink alcohol at the event, which he leads - it's disrespectful to the audience guests. For me, the theme of "alcohol" at the festival, in which I put life - TABOO.

Very often ask me: "What's in your standard program?". So I do not have a standard program and any patterns. But there is the most important standard - it is appropriate to wishes of the customer. Task master - to be always different. In the speeches of guests no vulgar competitions I do not arrange alcoholic relay and naturally no jokes below the belt. Only intelligent humor, quality entertainers, interesting entertainment and golden hits in my performance.

Call, write, and I will be happy to answer! See you on your holiday!